Greyscales and color option in LFM server 3D

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Greyscales and color option in LFM server 3D

Post by SEM »

Question for you LFM server experts.

I can toggle in LFM server hyperbubble view between color and greyscales. But can only use color in "normal" 3D view. How to toggle to grey scale option in 3D view.
The original scans are from a Faro scanner, and exported out to e57 with color and greyscales in Scene export. I would like the option to benefit from this in LFM server. To toggle in LFM server 3D view between color and grey. Is this possible (using LFM server version ?

Please help :)


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Re: Greyscales and color option in LFM server 3D

Post by JenniC »

Hi Stein-Erik,

As discussed on your support ticket, the ability to switch between colour and greyscale in the 3D points is scheduled to be introduced in LFM Server 5.1 which is currently due for release in Q2 2019.


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