Best Export Format(s) Cyclone - LFM

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I have made 90-100 posts
I have made 90-100 posts
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Best Export Format(s) Cyclone - LFM

Post by dlefebvre »

Hey all. I've been using Cyclone for a long...well since forever it LFM is new to me. Recently completed a joint project for myself and a client. Client would like to use the scan data with LFM. I have registered all the scans in Cyclone and would like to export the data so it can be quickly imported to LFM and hopefully used without requiring another registration step. Is this possible and what format is best for this.
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Re: Best Export Format(s) Cyclone - LFM

Post by steves01x »

There is no quick way to get data get out of Cyclone unless its a small project or you want one monster file in your chosen format then its a 1 click export.

Your best bet is to find out which format is best suited to LFM, open the registered model space, open scan world explorer and go through each scan station and manually export or do it in batches that create a sensible file size.

Come on Leica, batch export option on the full version of Cyclone like 360 & Faro Scene has or even an option to add what you want exported to a queue (similar to Adobe Premiere for video clips you can add them to a queue then export over night) And while your at it Recap format :P
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Re: Best Export Format(s) Cyclone - LFM

Post by Graham »

If you can write the registration back to the original scans that would be the best option, as then it would be a simple process of loading the registered scans into LFM and generating the dataset.

If you can keep the data in a structured form then BubbleViews and HyperBubble will drop out in the wash. Seeing what has been captured is the end goal of all our users so allowing them to see the data as if they were on site. If you cannot export as structured form then there is the additional Solid Point Cloud rendering of the data.
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