Blue SKy and Bubble View in E3D

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Blue SKy and Bubble View in E3D

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We have a client who needs to be able to see a "Blue Sky" while in the bubble view in AVEVA E3D, but currently is only able to see it as black (no data). Our workflow is with the Faro x330 scanner using SCENE to process, register, and colorize the scan data. Through experience, we find that only FLS and PTX file type exports produce the desired Bubble View (similar to the Mirror Balls in Recap). We then take that processed and colorized scan data and process and index it in AVEVA LFM so that the client can easily map it to their AVEVA E3D software. Other clients utilizing the same Faro scanners are able to achieve the Blue Sky while preserving the Bubble Views in AVEVA E3D, so I'm unsure where along the workflow the issue is. If anyone has any experience with this topic, any advice is much appreciated.
FYI: unfortunately I don't have access to the AVEVA E3D module to see exactly what's going on, but we do have AVEVA LFM for the indexing of the data.
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Re: Blue SKy and Bubble View in E3D

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Just to clarify the client is looking for Blue as the default colour for no data, or do you mean having the photo image?

As you have a copy of the AVEVA LFM software that should suffice at looking at the Bubble's. When accessing the point cloud and Bubbles in E3D it is running LFM process in the background and that is rendering the scene to E3D. So once you have the effect you are after in LFM E3D should follow.
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