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LFM Server Help

Post by mike.gallagher »

Hi All,

Can anybody offer me some assistance regarding LFM Sever 5...? I've not had a great deal of use with it, nor any formal training.

We have a project to deliver to a client on a tight timescale to deliver an LFD file and I need either a contact for someone from Aveva support or Help on here with some initial queries.

I've installed the software and imported some FLS files from our FARO scanner, I've linked a small dataset, but need further assistance.

1) There is no colour coming thorough from the FLS files... or is this applied later within the software..?
The scans were captured with colour on, so I was expecting to see this after the import.

2) Can the survey grid be altered after registering the scans, or does it rely upon a correct control file to be imported to co-ordinate the model..?

I would really appreciate any help anybody can offer.

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