Assembling Laser Cleaning System

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Assembling Laser Cleaning System

Post by Sopel » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:14 pm

Dear all,

As I mentioned in introduction, I am here with idea of building home-made system for laser cleaning and rust removal, to learn how it operates in details, also during this project I would like to learn electronics and programming, at least in the field of XYZ motion and automation, so I am quite a beginner but still with technical background.

So at first maybe few questions I still want to ask after digging in the internet about those laser cleaners (laserclean, chineese ones, p-laser, altlaser there are already quite few on the market etc).
1. What is a must to start rust removal not to over invest ? Is it just a laser, can I start without any optics and do it 'handheld' ? ? E.g. 100-200 W pulsed fiber laser ? Or scanning head is also a must, due to e.g. heat buildup etc. ? If scanning head is necessary, what is typical coating thickness on flipping mirrors ? Is the 1 D scanning galvo enough or it has to be 2 or 3 D ?

It seems for me that laser engraving system use very similar scanning heads as some laser cleaning systems, do you think buying one and try to apply it for cleaning would work ? What beam size spot should be projected onto galvo mirror to avoid damage?

Another story I am interested, wound't be more efficient to build such system based on laser diode stack with collimating of axis and just one galvo mirror for scanning ?

I hope these are enough question to start some discussion. Feel free to ask the questions...

Best Regards

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