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Hello from West Michigan

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I am kind of new to this and looking for recommendations.

I have a background in industrial metrology with metal machining, CMM etc. I have a little experience with Polyworks and scanning with Romer arm/laser line scan head. I have touched on reverse engineering with Polyworks Modeler but not much.

Also have experience using Inventor and Solidworks.

New job is working with machined features on metal castings of various shape and size. We have a CMM but otherwise inspection equipment is very sparse. I think we would benefit greatly from ability to compare 3D scans with solid models, color maps, keeping history of the way castings might change, etc.

I have a few contacts I've been reaching out to such as Creaform, Keyence, Zeiss - but not too confident yet comparing cost/benefit/capabilities . . .

Any help or recommendations for hardware and software would be appreciated.

Tim C
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