LiDAR SLAM without overlap between consecutive scans

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LiDAR SLAM without overlap between consecutive scans

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I was planning to apply SLAM over a MMS-point cloud but I realised that there is no overlap between consecutive scans (from consecutive poses of the sensor).

This is due to the fact that the LiDAR sensor used rotates around a horizontal axis, resulting in vertical scans (vertical lines parallel to each other) without overlap between them. However, the distance between the lines can be very short, e.g. around 1 cm when the MMS moves slowly.

In addition to this, every survey consist of 4 runs which are processed together and averaged. So, every area is revisited 3 times. In this sense, there is certainly overlap, but not among consecutive scans.

I was wondering if it could still be a way to perform SLAM in this situation.


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Re: LiDAR SLAM without overlap between consecutive scans

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The Leica BLK2GO is a SLAM device also has a largely non-overlapping scan profile, so near parallel lines of dots. In addition to IMU so for as I'm aware it uses imaging for additional orientation using VIS. Once you've got multiple passes, you should have the necessary redundancy to co-register them.
You also typically observe SLAM scan data in loops to allow for correction of the IMU data prior to coordinating the points.
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