Best Online Point Cloud Viewer/Collaboration Platform

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I have made 70-80 posts
I have made 70-80 posts
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Re: Best Online Point Cloud Viewer/Collaboration Platform

Post by Majid_noori »

Hi Tony,

Have a look at PointSharePlus (
In the recent milestone large 3D model module has been significantly improved (handling Gigabyte size). You can overlay OBJ / PLY models on to your point cloud.

I'd better not to talk about the feature and let yourself to explore.

Here is an example of and underground as-built point cloud and design model (45 million faces).

Also an example of geo-referenced texture mesh generated from drone data.


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Oliver Knoerzer
I have made 60-70 posts
I have made 60-70 posts
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Re: Best Online Point Cloud Viewer/Collaboration Platform

Post by Oliver Knoerzer »

c2a wrote:
Sat Jun 20, 2020 6:58 pm
In our opinion the best is: FARO Scene WebShare

We are not FARO users. But, in going through their demos, FARO has absolutely nailed it with a simple, intuitive presentation of data that's easily navigable by both novices and engineers. Orthographic slices and intuitive navigation (switching between 360° photos and in-cloud) is all done by their brilliant UI/UX designers. The only problem (for us) being WebShare is a closed system and only available to FARO Scene subscribers. While we're using Leica equipment with Cyclone R360 (and we love Leica) but TruView is not a viable solution for our clients.
That post made my day! :D

I’m already excited regarding the next WebShare version. It has some new features that I personally find really cool and I hope our customers will also like them. I can’t say yet when it’s going to be released, though.
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