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Post by Phil Marsh »

Why does iRacing laser scan race tracks with meticulous detail and how does it put that scan data into action? How does the laser scanning process help real-world drivers? How does the laser scanning process make iRacing's tracks feel more 'alive' with detail?

Not only does this video answer those questions (and many others), it's also an excellent piece you should share with everyone you know to show them how is different to anything else they may have tried.
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Re: Laser Scanning

Post by MHoogerwerf »

Sweet! Very good video.

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Re: Laser Scanning

Post by pburrows145 »

I think these guys could do with a C10 (or equally specced mid-range scanner ;) )! That HDS3000 looks like a bit of a beast to haul up into the air on that tripod... plus you can now use the CS10 and CS15 viva controllers with the C10 so you can scan remotely and be doing your additional survey work with your total station/GPS etc :)

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Re: Laser Scanning

Post by TomGreaves »

This is a little long in the tooth. Sorry. I visited just before they went live and came back with an article. Bruce Hall from Velodyne and I raced each other around a virtual Watkins Glen. ... er2008.pdf

The John Henry mentioned in the article is the new owner of the Liverpool FC.

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Re: Laser Scanning

Post by blomster »

Today when the real life racing drivers has come more and more into the virtual world. Here is a video how Steve Myers and his group document abandoned Wilkesboro racetrack for 3D modeling into iRacing.

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Re: Laser Scanning

Post by Chris06 »

It's interesting to see that this is a recent video and iRacing are still scanning with a C10 and talking about 45min/Scan!!

Love seeing the behind the scenes stuff from iRacing though, thanks for sharing.

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