Z+F Printable Target PDF

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Z+F Printable Target PDF

Post by alexrfholland »

Hi guys,
I'm using the new Z+F 5016 to scan a woodlands area. I've discovered that auto-registration doesn't play nice with entirely vegetated area.

I'm now keen to do a trial scan with targets, but am struggling to find any printable PDFs of them online. Would anyone have a Z+F target they could send to me? My email is [email protected].

PS - have found a Faro target here - https://faro.app.box.com/s/yy547o3p8lcp ... mjianvgukm. Does anyone know if this might work?

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Re: Z+F Printable Target PDF

Post by Mrk »

Hi Alex,

You can use my target generator - Cyclone aquires these targets just fine.

Mark Lane
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Re: Z+F Printable Target PDF

Post by MajorDomo »

The Z+F 5016 is an amazing scanner.

Any scanner software that I know has some sort of B&W target detection. A few things to watch out:
Some scanners actually prefer GREY and white.
Some scanners hate it if you use a laser printer.
Don't feel tempted to laminate, if you do, test before using them in anger.
Targets should be STRAIGHT, get some base that keeps them that way. Corflute is cheap, light and holds pretty well to abuse.

Have fun.
Pawel T
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Re: Z+F Printable Target PDF

Post by Pawel T »


If you have a Z FLaser Control installed on your PC, go to the folder Help (\Program Files\ZF\Z+FLaserControl\9.1.0\Help) and you shall find there a Word file "Targets" this is the right color for 5016.
(or see attachment :)
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Re: Z+F Printable Target PDF

Post by azimut400gon »

Or even if you want to create your own target, take care of the color. The 'black' on the target is a dark grey. Otherwise the scanner is possible not able to 'see' the target.

Due to some software improvements in LaserControl or Scantra, there is still no need for AutoTargets anymore.
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