Does Scene get you into Cad?

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I have made 20-30 posts
I have made 20-30 posts
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Does Scene get you into Cad?

Post by Ralphieboy »

Hello, some more newby questions for the well-healed :) Does Scene have a Survey/Cad workflow into software such as Carlson Survey? Or will an add-on be needed and as such, what is a good recommendation?

There also seems to be some that have mentioned that they don't see the Faro Scanners are "Survey Quality Outdoor" scanners. Please provide user advice on this question and thank you!

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Re: Does Scene get you into Cad?

Post by LPaulCook »


I am a land surveyor who uses FARO scanners for many years now. I have a X330 and a S350 FARO scanners. If used with proper georeferenced surveyed targets I get very accurate, survey grade data from these scanners all the time. I use them for large topo surveys as well as inside building scanning to floor plans and 3D modeling.

I like the workflow that FARO uses over many other scanners, it is very fast and accurate.

Yes, you will need additional software to extract the many vectors and contours that you may desire.

There are a number of good plugin apps for SCENE like the "BUILDER" app at Builder does many of the functions you are looking for and runs right in SCENE.

Some of the additional stand alone softwares you may consider for these tasks are
or ... arison.php
or ... yclone-3dr
There are also many other choices today for these data extraction tasks.

You are on the right path.
L. Paul Cook, PLS

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Mike Annear
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Re: Does Scene get you into Cad?

Post by Mike Annear »

I am not a surveyor, but I have done a lot of work for survey companies.
I think the comment "Survey Quality Outdoor" scanner would refer to whether the scanner has a survey grade compensator or a simple tilt meter.
You get what you pay for with scanners, the cheaper end of the scale generally don't have survey grade compensators which means that your scan data will not be level. Some projects don't need to be leveled, or can be leveled later using known features on the object ( Boats, ships etc).

You can get around this leveling issue in the field, generally by using targets that have been survey in using a total station, which has a survey grade compensator :)

I have used Faro scanners a lot, I have also used Leica scanners extensively, both have their limitations and advantages, it is all about picking the right combination of scanner + field workflow for the job.

I use a combination of Rhino3D and CloudCompare for data extraction (and Modeling), I hire Cyclone components if I get into real trouble :)
Mike Annear
QLD, Australia.

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