SCENE 2019.2 obj import from Revit issue

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SCENE 2019.2 obj import from Revit issue

Post by marko.agsgeo »

Hi fellas,

Firstly, i hope you all are well and safe.

We have trouble with importing .obj file that we have exported from revit with couple of plugins.

When we finally import obj to SCENE 2019.2 model is out of position and out of scale.

Position we can sort with translation settings, but scale is still out..

When we check model to point cloud overlay in Navis everything is in order, model and point cloud are georeferenced properly.

This is our first time dealing with obj so any suggestions about workflow with obj are welcome.

Thank you.


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Re: SCENE 2019.2 obj import from Revit issue

Post by Raimund58 »

It can be a problem with the units. Check the settings in Scene and in the program where you have the .obj from.
Maybe it is set to feet or something like that.

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