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ananda wrote: Sun Aug 29, 2021 11:26 pm Hi beuckx,

The app was pretty advanced at the time it was released.
It enabled you to export point clouds from RSP and view them on an iPad two ways:
1. In 3D, as you would expect
2. In AR, where you had to use a printed QR code for mapping onto a surface.

Support for the app died for internal reasons, but it is a shame because the development had a lot of directions it could have gone...

There are plenty of alternatives that do a better job now, you just need to export a decimated pointcloud in the proper format.
Apple has made it a lot easier, and it shouldn't take much to make your own app at this point:
Hi Ananda,

Great to see you again on some posts.

This looks interesting but i'm a complete nOOb to this stuff. No programming background i'm afraid and we can't master it all ;-)
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