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V3DMC 2020

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3DMC is dedicated to the application and development of 3D measurement technology for industrial, scientific and cultural purposes.

Accepted Abstracts
MBD (Model-based definition): Benefits for design, manufacturing, and metrology
Daniel Campbell
Capvidia, United States

Quality metrics and uncertainty with point clouds
Sofia Catalucci
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

3D Imaging and measurement for precision farming applications
Richard Dudley
NPL, United Kingdom

Compact interferometric measurement solutions for high precision manufacturing and engineering
Malte Ennen
SmarAct, Germany

Large volume infrastructure and networks optimization for the alignment of Sirius Light Source
Henrique Geraissate
LNLS - Brazilian Synchrotron, Brazil

Development of error-reduction techniques for high-accurate measurement of tilt-surface shapes using laser
Tatsuo Hariyama
Hitachi, Japan

Initial testing of a photogrammetric/multilateration sensor for NPL’s distributed coordinate metrology system, OPTIMUM
Jonathan Heaps
NPL, United Kingdom

Real-time photogrammetry for solar power plant
Gorka Kortaberria
Tekniker, Spain

3D thermal shape measurement of transparent objects
Martin Landmann
Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

A novel instrument for accurate grid separation measurements in ion thrusters during ground-based testing
Mattia Lazzerini
NPL, United Kingdom

Absolute angular measurement by dispersive interferometry using a femtosecond pulse laser
Xu Liang
Tianjin University, People's Republic of China

‘A priori’ Monte-Carlo simulation solutions for large-scale metrology
Unai Multiba
Tekniker, Spain

Error estimate of point cloud registration using laser scanner
Vitor Nardelli
ISI-SIM, Brazil

A proposal for reconstructing the alignment profile of a synchrotron for verification purposes using a combination of photogrammetry, precise levelling and absolute distance measurements
Rodrigo de Oliviera Neto
LNLS - Brazilian Synchrotron, Brazil

Predictive Quality and Process Optimization: Unfolding the Power of Automated Machine Learning
Akshay Paranjape
Icon Pro GmbH, Germany

Performance evaluation of a reciprocal orientation technique between laser trackers using physical artefacts in a large volume environment
Douglas Luis Passuelo
LNLS - Brazilian Synchrotron, Brazil

Proposal of new part of ISO 15530-X: sensitivity analysis
Wojtek Plowucha
ATH Bielsko, Poland

Large volume metrology techniques to assess and improve pose accuracy of a Stewart platform
Maurício Porath
LGI, Brazil

A.I.-Based Determination of Process Capabilities for Quality Data
Hermann Ritter
Icon Pro GmbH, Germany

A direct laser trackers orientation technique based on reciprocal fitted spheres
Gustavo Rovigatti de Oliveira
LNLS - Brazilian Synchrotron, Brazil

i²MON: Long-range laser scanning in an integrated multi-temporal monitoring system - Opportunities and challenges from a geodetic perspective
Daniel Schröder
DMT Group, Germany

Hands-on – shop-floor-integration of optical metrology
Alex Schönberg
FFT Produktionssysteme, Germany

Continuous slab casting machine quality and productivity performance improvement through three-dimensional alignment process
Paule Vierira
Tecnimex, Brazil

5 Reasons why laser triangulation is the technology of choice for many of today’s measurement applications
Clive Warren
Third Dimension, United Kingdom

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