ESRI UC 2019

Post details about exhibitions or conferences that may be of interest to other members. This will help gather support for the industry.
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ESRI UC 2019

Post by dhirota »

I was not going to post anything for this conference and exhibition since most members of LSF may not have an interest in the content, but since I had a 3D picture taken with long time (over 40 years) friend Jack Dangermond, I decided to include it. One never knows when we may not make it until tomorrow, so I decided that converting the 3D image to 2D was worth it for those that do not know Jack and all the things that he has done for the USA students and now giving access to to all schools K-12 in the world to free access to ESRI's ArcGIS software.

07-08-2019 05-12-59 PM.jpg

Yesterday, I attended the Special Seminar on ESRI interfaces with AEC software applications such as their partnering with Autodesk. There were many presentations of interest with the use of the many sources of world mapping interacting directly with their software interfaces with Revit and Civl3D. A detailed presentation illustrated the movement of digital information between ArcGIS and Civil3D for a subdivision sewer system with plans and profiles.

Tomorrow, I will see the announcement of Riegl's RiMap software interface between the Reigl raw scanning files and ESRI ArcGIS DB.

For those that see little value in ESRI ArcGIS system, there are 19,000 people here in attendance who would disagree with you. The ESRI influence is increasing geometrically in many of the sensor areas that I have seen.
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Re: ESRI UC 2019

Post by steves01x »

My guess is ESRI will end up powering every planning portal (and more) at all the local authorities in the UK - so that all planning applications etc will be in 3D and ultimately placed in to a massive data set.... so the government can tax us all more on every little bit of land/floor space :roll:

/\ probably a lot of years away but it or similar will happen :lol:
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Re: ESRI UC 2019

Post by Oatfedgoat »

I for one would certainly not under value the importance of ESRI in the market.

On my current project (£56billion High Speed 2 Rail project in the UK) the works are split into 3 sections along its route and 2+ contracts in each of those sections.
Each of these contracts has a multiple data deliverables in ESRI GIS formats. Not to mention that we use it as a tool to visualise a lot of our project data at a large scale using an ESRI web map that we manage.

I think ESRI needs to be certainly considered when the industry talks about interoperbility and the merging of data from different sources, of which point clouds should expected to be one for sure.

Our sister contract on the same project recently won an ESRI award. /blatantplug
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Re: ESRI UC 2019

Post by Liqiong »

I think GIS is a powerful in managing spatial information, and from my experience, GIS don't focus on accuracy, some of the assets could allow 0.1 ha error, it's not a big deal for hundreds of lands.

Yet in construction and laser scanning world, accuracy is vital. ESRI and its GIS solutions could improve and provided integrated tools to manage those information too.
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