Customizing Scene Webshare Overview Map

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Re: Customizing Scene Webshare Overview Map

Post by howie.tran » Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:34 am

MALTBY wrote:
Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:57 am

A couple of things that might help

Q1 This is available using share in the full blown websharecloud but a work around in WS2Go is maybe to delete the non-required scans, write the webshare 2 go and then revert the project back to the revision before deleting the scans.

Q2 if i understand correctly you need to limit the number of adjacent icons in the scan view. If you go to settings and then scan view. navigate down to visibility you can limit the range of adjacent scans to make it easier to see though them, alternatively you could turn the visibility off globally using the cog settings in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Q3 have you tried importing a google image as a tiff or png and writing this as a layout plan to webshare2go. this again can be selected under the layouts with the same cog as above.

Thanks for your advice, it's very much appreciated.

Here are my replies to your advice:

Q1 & Q2: Regarding question #1 and #2, we have also found out the way, that is to increase the parametes "Limit visibility to" in "Scan View" Settings, and webshare2go will show other scan views within that visibility limit, regardless whether they are registered in SCENE or not. However, this setting will be applied to all Scan View in your entire project, which can cause other disadvantages when showing so many linking symbol/icon in certain panorama views.

My further question is: After changing "Limit visibility to" figures, how to make it "Apply for this view ONLY", not apply to all views like what Webshare2go is doing now.

Q3: We have tried your proposed way by importing a Google map picture as a layout plan. But this is only a picture with limited boundaries. What we want to have is to incorporate a real Google Map as a background in our overview map. When user perform zooming in and out, the Google Map is zooming together as well, and the boudaries can be expanded unlimitedly. What we are doing is to write additional javascript and html coding to make this happen and we are nearly there regarding this approach.

BTW, We have imported a floor plan picture as a layout plan and exported to webshare2go, but during export to websharecloud operations it tooks so much time, more than 24 hours to finish that exporting operations. We have then figured out that so many zooming level have been created which we don't need that many. So my question is, can we limit zoom level to a certain level before start exporting to websharecloud/webshare2go in order to save processing time?

As alwasy, any ideas/comments is very much appreciated...

Best regards,
Howie Tran.

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