FARO WebShare v2.13 - just released!

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I have made 30-40 posts
I have made 30-40 posts
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FARO WebShare v2.13 - just released!

Post by heidem »

FARO WebShare v2.13 has been released on March 25, 2021.
We proudly announce the new features: :D

New Features & Improvements
  • [Demo Video below] Users can now use Clipping Boxes to clip point clouds in WebShare's 3D view.
    You can create a temporary clipping box in the action menu, or persistent ones in the new task.
    Clipping boxes support all the usual object properties, such as description and category.
    Exporting and importing clipping boxes will be added to SCENE 2021.0 (coming soon).
    Try out the Clipping Box feature in this Example Project.
  • [Screenshot below] Attach Files: Users can now upload arbitrary files and attach them to annotations or other workspace objects.
  • In the Take Orthophoto task, the Data Type selection was added.
    You can now choose to create the Orthophoto from 3D point data instead of scans.
    This may increase the visual quality, e.g. due to more uniform colors.
    It also makes it possible to create an Orthophoto from mobile scanning data like the FARO Focus Swift where no scans are available, or from a point cloud that was added to the project later.
  • Users can now change their WebShare login password directly from the Account Settings page.
    You no longer have to wait for the password reset email.
  • [WebShare Pro feature] The Export task now shows a warning when the selected volume is too large, and the export is unlikely to succeed.
  • WebShare no longer works with Internet Explorer 11.
    We advise all affected users to switch to one of the supported browsers.
    Removing support for deprecated browsers allows us to focus our efforts, and to deliver the best user experience on modern browsers.
Clipping Boxes


File Attachments

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Oliver Knoerzer
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I have made 60-70 posts
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Re: FARO WebShare v2.13 - just released!

Post by Oliver Knoerzer »

Regarding the new file upload feature, some users may find the low file size limit of 128 MB inconvenient. We have worked on this in the last weeks and implemented the necessary adjustments to increase the file size limit to 5 GB. That should be plenty for almost every use case. If everything goes according to plan, we will be able to publish this improvement soon.

Both the file upload and the clipping boxes are features that I personally spent a lot of development time on. I believe that the clipping boxes are among my best work yet. It’s amazing how quickly and fluid they respond to changes in the clipping menu if you consider that it’s a web application. I therefore find it a real joy to use them.
Senior software engineer working for FARO on WebShare, SCENE 2go, and related products.
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