Introduction to Polyga

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Introduction to Polyga

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Hi Everyone!

Polyga is a Canadian based manufacturer and developer of 3D scanning technologies. XTract3D is a reverse engineering plug-in that works natively inside SolidWorks. Import 3D scan data and use it as a reference for building CAD models (SCAN-to-CAD). XTract3D allows the 3D data to be manipulated so that it becomes meaningful, useful, and helpful.

A video overview of the plug-in working with mesh and point could can be found here:
    Mesh Data Demonstration: ... ue&index=2
      Point Cloud Data Demonstration:  

      XTract3D lets you import scan data many times faster than using Solidworks’ native Scan to CAD plugin and adds tons of new tools to make reverse engineering faster and easier as demonstrated by this short clip:

      If you need a 3D scanner to generate the mesh data, Polyga also manufactures those:

      If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected].
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