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Post by Andrej » Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:35 am


With Euclideon re focusing on their Geospatial products we would like to announce our latest release of Geoverse MDM 1.5. which includes several major improvements and a new pricelist for our different solutions.
Geoverse MDM is available as of January 1, 2017, both as a one-time charge license and a yearly subscription model to give customers all options without any limitations in a package that scales to all needs.

Announcing Geoverse MDM 1.5

Major new Features in Geoverse 1.5 MDM:
• CAPTURE ANIMATION TOOL - Geoverse 1.5 allows to record videos of your scene using several visualization options. All animations can be exported to a movie file by using the Export Animation button.

• CAPTURE SCREENSHOT TOOL – Create high definition screenshots of your current screen.

• SPECIFY YOUR CAMERA LOCATION AT STARTUP – Ideal tool to link your existing 2D GIS solution with the 3D environment of Geoverse.

• IMPROVED SELECTION TOOLS – Save your different selections to your udp file.

• NEW FOLDER FEATURES – Organise your datasets, bookmarks and labels more efficient.

• IMPROVED POSITIONING TOOL – Rotate your objects around selected axis

• CAMERA POSITION ADDED – Define your camera positon and viewing angles

• IMPROVED MODEL INTERACTION – Color and identify models that the mouse cursor is hovered over

• IMPROVED WMS MAP SUPPORT – Import your own custom WMS maps

• IMPORVED LABEL OPTIONS – Labels visualization based on visibility

• VARIOUS IMPROVMENTS – e.g. French language AutoCAD support


For any further inquiries to Geoverse-Convert, SolidScan and UDWeb, problems and suggestions don't hesitate and contact Euclideon partners in your region.

Regards Andrej

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