BLK2GO Unstructured hybrid with FARO Focus Structured

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BLK2GO Unstructured hybrid with FARO Focus Structured

Post by Niord »

Hi there, i just bought the BLK2GO few months ago and it comes with the Register 360 BLK Edition, also i have Cyclone Register 9.4. I am making a hybrid project where must of the architectural stuff such as walls, floors, stairs, etc where scanned with the BLK2GO and the piping (a more detailed scan) was made with a FARO Focus s70.

So far i exported the e57 of the BLK2GO from Register 360 BLK and then imported in Cyclone 9.4 along with the FARO scans, the way i am registering is by 3 points in common but here is my question.

Does anybody knows if any version of Cyclone either 9.4, 360 full version or Cyclone Register 2020 can register unstructured scans (BLK2GO) with structured scans (FARO Focus) with a cloud to cloud registration method?


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Re: BLK2GO Unstructured hybrid with FARO Focus Structured

Post by vertigo1 »

Sorry for a very late response, but I have been aligning BLK2GO data with other unstructured data from NavVis scanners using Cyclone Register 2020.1 and visual alignment.

Register 360 should be able to do this as well, but not BLK edition since it cannot import e57.
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Re: BLK2GO Unstructured hybrid with FARO Focus Structured

Post by Daniel Wujanz »

Dear colleagues,

yes, the solutions you're looking for will give you results, yet they will treat the kinematic scans as a rigid object - and that's the danger!

We had a similar discussion about this subject a couple of weeks back. I know that you're "just" looking for a solution. Nevertheless, please be at least aware of the inherent problems.

viewtopic.php?f=69&t=16379&p=86518&hili ... ion#p86518

All the best

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