Manhole tripod needed?

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I have made 20-30 posts
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Manhole tripod needed?

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Hi folks!

Do you know our 2-way telescope tripod for up and down scanning???

Check out our latest video:

With this tripod, you can scan up to 4.00 m high or up to 4.50 m below the earth's surface.
Extension rods allow you to crank the scanner more and more up or down - manually or by means of a cordless screwdriver.

The telescope tripod has a 5/8" male thread; a 3/8" adapter is included, too. This makes the tripod suitable for most laser scanners. A 3D safety adapter is available optionally, which makes overhead scanning even safer.

The 2-way telescope tripod can be used with laser scanners from
  • FARO (Focus 3D, Focus S & Focus M),
  • Leica (ScanStation, HDS, RTC360 - RTC360 isn't compatible with our safety adapter but you can use Leica's GAD122870985 adapter for quick and safe overhead scanning),
  • Zoller+Fröhlich (Imager) and
  • Trimble (Unfortunately, Trimble X7 is not compatible with our safety adapter for scanning overhead)

More information needed?

2-way tripod: ... ope-Tripod
The tripod is without safety adapter but with Leica's GAD122870985 adapter also suitable for the Leica RTC360.

2-way tripod with safety adapter for FARO Focus3D, Z+F Imager, Leica HDS and Leica ScanStation: ... ty-Adapter

2-way tripod with safety adapter for FARO Focus S and Focus M: ... -Focus-S-M

Questions? Simply send a mail to [email protected]
Lissi Haubenreißer
Marketing Manager
Laserscanning Europe GmbH
Germany - America

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