Recommendation needed for high accuracy hand-held scanner

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Recommendation needed for high accuracy hand-held scanner

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My friend is looking for a high-accuracy hand-held scanner. Price is not an issue. Max object size is going to be 6" x 6" x 6". Accuracy needs to be sub-mm. In his words, 100 micron is really good and 2 mm is really bad. The object is going to be metallic but he can cover it with polymer if needed so that it doesn't shine.

Which hand-held scanner would you recommend?

Thank you.

Neerav Mehta
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Re: Recommendation needed for high accuracy hand-held scanner

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What are you doing with the scans? Will they be putting them into another post processing paw package to manipulate, reverse engineer, etc?
Artec has a new “Micro” - that is supposed to be very fine resolution - I can put you in touch with my rep that can arrange a demo. The Artec Space Spider may get that low - I’d have to look up the specs - the Artec Studio is a decent S/W package to do clean up from your scan, and can export to many other S/W packages the Cloud scan.

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