FARO S120 Calibration & Repair

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FARO S120 Calibration & Repair

Post by hairylemon » Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:50 pm

Hello all!

Just to get an opinion from you guys with regards to the situation below:

A couple of months back, our FARO S120 Laser Scanner failed to power on after a routine battery change while on a job. We sent it in to our local distributor for servicing, and the evaluation was that they had to replace the Optics Assembly of the scanner, which costs a whopping USD$12,000. We are in the midst of deciding if we should go for the repair, but before we do that, we were wondering if repairs in Europe or the US would be cheaper than the above mentioned price? We were wondering why the Optics Assembly could fail suddenly in the middle of a job but i guess we will never know.

Calibration over here is around USD$4,000. We suppose this amount is pretty competitive worldwide?

Thanks all in advance!

Harry Peh
Project Manager

Aries Geomatics Pte Ltd

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Re: FARO S120 Calibration & Repair

Post by cadmium » Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:24 pm

We are in the same position as you, with a 120 that will cost more to fix than its worth. I think a lot of people are having issues with 120's, all around the same time. strange.... Repair and calibration prices from faro are insane.

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Oliver Buerkler
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Re: FARO S120 Calibration & Repair

Post by Oliver Buerkler » Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:08 pm

Hello all.

I know this does not help you with your current frustration, but still:

As a matter of fact, technical components fail. Once that happens after the manufacturer warranty period, this is prone to be very unpleasant - and expensive - for every user.
To ease clients pain, FARO is offering maintenance contracts for all their devices which would cover annual service and re-certification as well as repair as long as not caused by mis-use.

Best regards,
Oliver Bürkler
Oliver Bürkler
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Re: FARO S120 Calibration & Repair

Post by WWilford » Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:54 pm


Our S120 was one of the earlier ones and they had a problem with the connections to the battery similar to the known problems of the charger blocks. Fortunately mine was under warranty at the time. I would be curious to know how they determined it was the optics assembly if they were not able to power it up. There was a post on the forum where someone said they were able to get into the boot sequence but I do not recall whether they detailed how it was done. I assume this might allow some diagnostics of the unit.


There was another post a while back about ending the maintenance on the scanners at a certain time. This statement was made by your sales department. If I recall correctly you answered that the maintenance was still available for the S120 but did not address how long into the future it would be. How long will Faro be offering the maintenance contracts for specific scanners? I know that it would be very difficult to asses the useful life in time due to every unit being used in different environments, cared for differently, and varying amounts of usage in a certain amount of time. I would think that a more helpful bit of knowledge for an owner to calculate ROI for your scanners could be the amount of scans or cycles that Faro has tested to. Is any information like this available?

Without knowing the test equipment needed, cost of parts, etc. it appears from the outside to be expensive for calibration and repair. I would assume that some enterprising electronic technician would start offering repair and calibration services at the point where there are more of these units that are too expensive to have Faro fix.

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