iStar Night Shots with HDR

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Re: iStar Night Shots with HDR

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Morky wrote: Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:28 pm
NTocher wrote:
Leap3D wrote:Is there any software were you can position and "click" multiple panoramic images? Something like Faro webshare or SpheronVR?
You will probably need to have an floor plan and position the images yourself?....
Our portal allows you to create linked 360 degree images and share them. It allows for audio, music, floor plans, logos, hot spots and external links. Its a free service we offer with each iSTAR camera system.
You can also export the online content and run it offline.

How very remiss of me to not mention your iStarshare service...... Apologies galore!!! :oops:
I was in police non-internet based mode when I posted the previous comment.
Having seen what your iStarshare offers it puts a lot of software which has to be paid for to shame. As you say, it offers everything you would need for creating virtual tours with the added benefit of being able to share your results with anybody who has access to the internet.


We are on board to produce many scans of parking garage electrical rooms and mechanical room. We will definitely be renting the i-STAR from our local dealer (till we can get our own) to take the photographic part of these necessary detailed photo scans. We had a bad experience last time with one with the newer firmware (fall 2017) when is was repeatedly “locking up” in its four corner scan series. (Had to send it back to Scotland).
We’ll give it another try. Do you know if there is anyway to use it with the new BLK360 by overlaying the Imagery with the BLK scan data. In ReCAP? In Cyclone Register 360?
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