VR for architecture of a Hospital in the US

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VR for architecture of a Hospital in the US

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We applied materials, lighting to Revit model and visualized design environment illustration to meet designer's inquiries. These models can be from conceptual architecture, interior design or trades model after coordinate.
Customer will receive a native Revit file full of setting or a link to access stereo panorama which can be seen VR by smartphone
By experiences in outsourcing this service to a large scale projects in USA, we believe that our service can support very well to designers need. The use of virtual, augmented and mixed reality allows construction teams to better visualize and simulate construction details and sequences.


View more our projects at http://vibim.com.vn/
Please contact us for more information at:
Email: [email protected]
Skype: quynhsunny258
We are very pleased to be of service
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