Registering internal rooms with building exterior

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Registering internal rooms with building exterior

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I'm prepping for an upcoming job surveying some existing plant rooms and would like to undertake laser scans of the rooms to bring back to our engineering team. The DPI-8X looks perfect for this application and the workflow flexibility is great.

Ideally I would like to be able to locate these individual room scans within our wider site BIM model - to do this I will need to traverse the internal scans to the outside of the building so that these can be registered.

I've watched the video of the integration with a ZEB REVO which would be perfect, but taking a second bit of scanning equipment with me probably isn't feasible. Is there any reason I couldn't do this using only the DPI-8X, overlapping the plant room surveys with a scan that took me to the outside of the building, provided I close the scan back to my start point and use some April tags along the way?


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