Dot3D 4.0 Beta with L515 difficulty re-localizing

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Dot3D 4.0 Beta with L515 difficulty re-localizing

Post by RorySense »

I've been evaluating Dot3D version 4.0 (free 1 week licence) with the Realsense L515 and have had a lot of trouble with loss of localization during scanning. I've tested this in high and low resolutions, using April tags, in rooms with all kinds of geometries and found this to be an issue in every case. Often when trying to re-localize I will go back to the same position as I have previously succeeded in re-localizing, with the distinctive geometry threshold hovering consistently at maximum, and it just won't work.

On average, I have found I have to spend over half of the scan time trying to re-localize, and unfortunately if I can't remedy this, it will be the factor that determines whether my company purchases a licence to use commercially in parallel with our terrestrial scanners. I really hope there is a fix as this combination does produce very impressive point clouds that can supplement other terrestrial scan data in hard to access areas.

I understand that this is still a beta version so I'm hoping there are improvements in the works, but if anyone has any advice for me before my trial runs out in a couple of days I would very much appreciate it! :D
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Re: Dot3D 4.0 Beta with L515 difficulty re-localizing

Post by cahern3d »

Sorry for the troubles and the delay in getting a reply here. This has been improved with the current (non-beta) release! Here is the download link:

You should see much less re-localization issues now. Also, while the L515 does still seem to struggle with this a bit more than other supported cameras, we've added a new capability to "Choose re-localization area" and you should also have much more success with that option. Where does this stand on your end? Do you need a new trial extension? If so please just shoot an email to [email protected] and we will take care of that for you.
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