Issues with Horizon - Anyone experiencing this?

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Re: Issues with Horizon - Anyone experiencing this?

Post by GeomDaniloMammarella »

Ciao Massimo,
I had similar issues in the past. There was a bathroom or a little room with high reflective ceramic tiles? There was any mirror or reflective material? .. I'm pretty sure that's the problem.
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Re: Issues with Horizon - Anyone experiencing this?

Post by max72 »

Thanks Danilo.
This is another issue, and in fact the "shiny bathroom syndrome" is like you described.
I was able to fix this issue reducing the scanner range in the reprocessing options.
I asked support for the possibility to change the scan range along the project. It would be enough to set a shorter range only when scanning the shiny confined spaces (say from 85 and 106 seconds scan time reduce range to 5 meters then get back to full range..).

The runaway of the first post is different, but in my opinion is related to moving too slowly in certain circumstances.

Thanks again
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Re: Issues with Horizon - Anyone experiencing this?

Post by 360nash »

We had several issues in the past. I am thankful others have seen issues as well. We do a lot of hotel work, and would find that the rooms would not be parallel to each other. Something would get lost between the rooms during the transitions. we found this to be common in several scenarios, and amongst all floors. The rooms would be at a cant to each other. For the most part we chalked this up to user error. I am not so convinced of that, but there needs to be more videos of experts capturing spaces. How do they wave this device? How do they transition? How do they capture a tiny bathrooms? ETC.

A few things we found that useful on the scans we have done:
1. when possible walk backwards and slowly through all doors. I tried the sideways stuff, and it will screw up if the jamb is made of anything reflective.
2. At the beginning of the scans let the unit spin and become oritented for at least 10 secs
3. I have used the align to control option quite a bit. I will scan the hallway with a TLS and identify 4-6 spots that can be used with control. Keep everything in metric when using this option.
4. Walk like a grandma
5. Within rooms point the scanner directly at the walls and move sideways
6. Used the "confined" option while processing data for everything inside.
7. I have created a script that will run 7 consecutive filters (3 outlier filters consecutively, then a range filter, then 3 surface Filters consecutively) after processing the SLAM. It saves on time and having to babysit the machine. I am happy to share with anyone who wants it. With this script I can get the date down to about .75" thick on average.

Primarily my largest and biggest complaint is that they GS cant send us a 20 minute video of someone scanning a space (a tough one). Instead, they give little one minute examples and then fast forward through the scan. I understand that a video of a tight interior space might be quite boring, but I would love, LOVE, (F%#king LOVE) a video where an expert simply took us on a boring journey of capturing actual real life examples. The academy is not really useful, and i can only look at so many orange conceptual graphics before I go crazy.

Secondly, with the Faro takeover, support has been out to lunch i am afraid. All the support guys pass the buck. I am not sure what the demands are, but as a US user, the support just isnt there.
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Re: Issues with Horizon - Anyone experiencing this?

Post by Augusto 3D »

Post your script, or tell us how you made it. I would love to do something similar please.

I agree, the academy could be a little better. One thing that was helpful for us was to meet with one of their application engineers and do some scans on morning. Since then, we haven't had any issues, expect scanning a narrow hotel hallway. Geoslam just don't like those poor environments.
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