GEOSLAM at ESRI User Conference 10-14 July 2017

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GEOSLAM at ESRI User Conference 10-14 July 2017

Post by Jason Warren » Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:23 am

The San Diego Convention Center will be transformed into a live digital 3D model during the
international ESRI User Conference, thanks to GeoSLAM, the experts in “go anywhere” 3D
mobile mapping.
GeoSLAM, a Silver ESRI Business Partner, will be scanning the exhibition hall and the
Convention Centre using its market-leading handheld laser scanning solution, the ZEB-

Taking place between the 10-14 July, attendees at the conference will be able to see how the
ZEB REVO enables them to rapidly generate and integrate 3D models into their ArcGIS
workflows. The system is already in use around the world in a variety of industries such as
facilities and asset management, forestry, mining, surveying and engineering.
GeoSLAM will be working with the ESRI Team at the ‘ESRI 3D Island’ stand in the main hall

of the Convention Center, providing live demonstrations of the handheld, mobile surveying
system and showcasing how quickly and easily the captured 3D data can be imported into
and used in ESRI’s ArcGIS and CityEngine software.
John Allan, VP of Sales & Marketing at GeoSLAM, said:
“The combination of GeoSLAM’s rapid and easy-to- use scanning solution, and ESRI’s
powerful and intuitive software allows our customers to easily bring collected 3D real-world
data into the ArcGIS environment – a requirement that is particularly suited to the facilities
management sector.

“The simple scan process allows ‘non-expert’ users (with no surveying experience) to quickly
build 3D BIM-ready models in ESRI software and use them for a range of applications –
design, re-development/refurbishment, as-built surveys and safety and security planning – the
list is almost endless.”

For more information on GeoSLAM, please visit

For more information about the ESRI User Conference, visit

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