Processing in HUB

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Processing in HUB

Post by lipo80 »

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with processing data in HUB v 5.3.1. I have a few datasets and if I want to process it, I have to try to click on PROCESS button a many times when it starts, it writes to me that "processing failed". If it´s start, after approx 4 hours, it has stopped, it marks as "green ok" but in the processing folder, there are no results, no trajref points txt and other results. Please, can you tell me about this problem or do you have any solutions? I have in this time 8 loops, and processed I have only 2 loops, I don´t know where is problem :-/
Thank you very much for any answer.
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Re: Processing in HUB

Post by ektoras »

Hello Libor,

This usually happens when you drag and drop many data-sets and HUB has too much cached data to process. Kindly, close and open HUB again, and then try to reprocess the data.

Let me know if you still face any issues or if you need any further assistance.

- Ektor
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