ImEdit - Create Triangles etc

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ImEdit - Create Triangles etc

Postby NOVAMECH » Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:34 am


I'm hoping someone can help me that is proficient with ImEdit - As you can see from the above image we have a large Hydrocarbon storage tank some 30m in Diameter - We scanned this with our ZF5010x scanner internally. With the tank there was scaffolding from floor to roof and at the top edge this supported a walk way. Which ob obscured the tank wall at this point. I would like to "PATCH" this area somehow - I am trying to select Vertices - Select boundary vertices then extend to plane. The scanning took 30minutes from 4 scan points - so as to cover all areas that were behind scaffolding tube. I'm very happy with the ZF5010x Data and also the processing of this with PolyWorks. PolyWorks - really is a fantastic tool once you can get a handle on some of the very powerful processing it offers.

Any help with techniques to achieve this would be much appreciated.

To start with I have been trying to just select the lower boundary and extend to the base level plane - I can't even seem to do this.

There seems to be some great Triangle creation tool i.e. scalped etc - but I'm having trouble finding information on how to use these. Perhaps, Invometrics could post some infor up to YouTube?

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Re: ImEdit - Create Triangles etc

Postby drewk1 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:23 pm

Its a while since you posted this but did you find a solution?

I have an idea but am interested in how/if you got it solved.
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