IAFSM, Second Annual Workshop Announcement

The International Association of Forensic and Security Metrology
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Re: IAFSM, Second Annual Workshop Announcement

Post by jcoco3 »

Hehehehehehehehe :twisted: I need to build a scanner that can be fired out of a cannon to scan stuff from the air. I have no idea what practical use there would be, but I bet everyone would want to try it.

Cost per shot might be high :lol:
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Re: IAFSM, Second Annual Workshop Announcement

Post by john-newbegin »

dang.. I just got back from a conference 2 weeks ago for construction management for correctional professionals, this one sounds more interesting with IED's, cantalopes, mobile cannon scanning solutions.. hope you guys have fun share anything on here that you can.. wish I could make this one but back to reality and work...

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Re: IAFSM, Second Annual Workshop Announcement

Post by Dave Foster »

Load the canon, Jeeves :lol:

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