Faro Photon 120 / Leica HDS 3000

For comparison of laser scanning products
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Faro Photon 120 / Leica HDS 3000

Post by jacinek »

Hello to all ;)
It is my first post here, I hope, not the last one ;)
As CAD/CAM user I have already many years experience with Point cloud processing, as End-User :)
Now I decided, it's time to do additional something new - i want to start with laser scanning for customer.
Unfortunately, budget is pretty low :(
So, what I maybe can afford is Faro Photon 120 (cheaper) and Leica HDS 3000 (about 3000E more expensive), both used. By Faro no software, by Leica registry software. (But Software will be probably no problem, that one of my customer have something, I guess ReCap )

I want to ask You, this nice Forum experienced Users, with what will be better to start ?
And second question, are there somewhere, to download or buy, something like "laserscanning for Dummy's) ? :)

Thank you for all constructive answers !
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