Refine registration using scan

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I have made 20-30 posts
I have made 20-30 posts
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Refine registration using scan

Post by JkX7 »

Hi, i’m just curious how much important is Refine registration using scan? Do you use it in the end of project registration or do you skip refining?
thank you for yours opinion

Jason H
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I have made 40-50 posts
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Re: Refine registration using scan

Post by Jason H »

The refine procedure is done automatically when an automatic plane based registration is performed. So no need to redo it. If you do a cloud to cloud registration going station by station then you would probably want to refine all the stations together when finished. The only time I wouldn't refine is if I had some stations with very little overlap and I manually registered them and noticed the Refine in the cloud to cloud registration tool moved them incorrectly.
Another case where I wouldn't refine is if I did a target based registration and wanted to rely on target based adjustment report.
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Re: Refine registration using scan

Post by blazaj »

I use it after a c2c as mentioned. For some reason when I run c2c on couple of scans in a larger group previously registered with automatic planes all scans in that group shift from its original position slightly. Refine registration on the whole group solves it. I also run it on a group containing subgroups to refine the whole buch. I just pick adjoining scans inside the subgroups to make it work faster.


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Re: Refine registration using scan

Post by apjokr »


Adding here a similar insight as blazaj mentioned,

Typical scenario to me registering a bunch of scans (Auto-planes or Target-based, does not matter) and while checking the alignment I find one station to be mis-aligned. Put all the rest of the scans into a group, and hit refine where the group is the reference, and the one particular scan can move into its well-fitted position thanks to the fitted group which has now a fixed and bigger overlap.

As Jason said, you can run into a situation that you can rely on the targets better than the overlap, or simply the jobsite does not include planar surfaces will make you use targets. Then it is not necessarily appropriate to hit Refine after your registration.

In any cases creating slices and manual check is a must.

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