Realworks viewer error

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Realworks viewer error

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I installed realworks viewer 11.0.3 and got this error (attachment). Can someone help me how to fix it? My client wants to check my project and he got this error after running the viewer. There is a mention about Windows Vista but he has Windows 7. Thanks.
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Re: Realworks viewer error

Post by apjokr »

Hi Daniel,

This window gives you a bit more detail if you read through all entries. At that moment when you receive this message, *.bin files and reports are created in a specific folder what you can attach and send to a specific inbox at the developers via this interface.
That will include a lot of information for them to investigate the root cause and will get in touch with a local support or directly with you.

The next time the client receive this, I recommend to take a deeper look at, but first I recommend to try the most basic troubleshooting steps, such as:
Update the graphic card drivers if there is a dedicated (Nvidia e.g.) installed. The attachment says integrated.

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