What systems capture photogrammetry and Lidar at the same time

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What systems capture photogrammetry and Lidar at the same time

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I work for a drone company that does industrial inspections of tall structures.
Most of the structures have micro details like antennas, struts and grates.
Our current scanning process to create point clouds and 3D mesh models utilizes standard drone images and Pix4D.
As a result we lose micro details and end up with an OK point cloud but a terrible 3D mesh model.
We are trying to give our clients a 3D model with excellent detail and picture accurate textures.

Are there any aerial camera setups out there that captures Lidar and RGB images at the same time to create a perfect model?
If so then what software can be used to process this combined data set to create a point cloud and 3D mesh?
I am specifically referring to scanning tall structures and not terrain mapping.
All I can find is theories on the subject and advice on how to combine separate point clouds from Lidar and photogrammetry software.
I am looking for a one camera + one processing software solution.

I have found Geodetics, a company from San Diego, but I'm not sure yet if they are what I'm looking for. https://geodetics.com/
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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