Defining Structured/Unstructured/Unified/Ununified/3D/complete exports

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Defining Structured/Unstructured/Unified/Ununified/3D/complete exports

Post by RorySense »

I'm a little new to the field of laser scanning, can somebody explain what unified/ununified e57 outputs are? Recently came up when my manager was asked about exporting unified/ununified e57 files when I've only heard of structured/unstructured types.

My understanding was that:
  • structured is the same as ununified and
  • unstructured is the same as unified
but I want to be sure and I don't have a direct channel of communication to the person who originally asked without making unnecessary waves.

Furthermore, I'm working with Recap Pro which complicates things more for me by defining the differences in e57 export as "3D-only (unstructured)" and "complete (no edits)". I feel like it's safe to assume that "complete (no edits)" means the same thing as "structured" and Recap Pro just doesn't use the standard naming convention.

Can anyone please confirm or correct my assumptions?

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Re: Defining Structured/Unstructured/Unified/Ununified/3D/complete exports

Post by tengui »

From my user's perpective, ununified means that individual scan positions with panoramic views are kept in the overarching format. Unified blends it all in a single file, possibly eliminating overlapping points in the process.
For structured/unstructured, I'm not entirely sure. It has to do with how the points are stored.

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