Intelligent Cleanup

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Intelligent Cleanup

Post by Jamesrye » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:50 am

I've subscribed to RECAP PRO and I'm testing out some of the features including the 'intelligent cleanup'. The process starts off and takes a couple of hours to complete. If I set it to 100%, nothing gets put into the new cleaned layer. If I set it to 30%, it puts in some building roofs at the scan extents.

Here's a screenshot, showing people on top of a wall and passing through the scan that I hoped the program would make some attempt at removing.

When I look in the help section on the AutoDesk webpage, it says that on reason for failure might be that "The registering of the scans was skipped during project creation" - I registered my data in Cyclone, so does this mean the cleanup feature is useless unless you register in RECAP?

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Re: Intelligent Cleanup

Post by sreed » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:35 pm


I've been intrigued by Recap's Scan Cleaning tool since it was launched in Beta (still in Beta?). Like you, i've encountered mixed results. Getting that sweet spot between too light and too heavy has been difficult, and i wonder if it even exists. Moving people "parts" are still left when good data has been segmented out. (its great that it doesn't Delete these points, but rather moves them to a region!). So I don't have great advice, but i'm wondering how others may weigh in who've had successful experience with Recap's cleanup tool.

We routinely have busy sites and moving people/traffic can be problematic, so I developed a Scene Plugin app that allows scan cleaning of moving objects. It works Really really well, but it does require duplicate scans in the same position. The process of comparing the scans is very straightforward and keeps only the farthest point, resulting in a composite scan with no* "noise". I'm hopeful Faro will work with me to incorporate a firmware option that allows for a full 360 sweep to create duplicate scans. Without the spinup and inclinometer redundancy, the scanning time penalty could be as little as under a minute to get the noise-reduction capabilities of this app.

PM me if interested in any of the above.

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