Clouds2Max Next Release - Beta Build 8

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Clouds2Max Next Release - Beta Build 8

Post by 3DForensics »

Hello Everyone,

Both David Dustin and I are very pleased to announce that we have a new release in Beta for Clouds2Max with some great enhancements and new features. If you are interested in beta testing, please send us an email through the Clouds2Max website. If you already own Clouds2Max, you can install over top of the previous installation to test and it will work with your current license.

Clouds2Max 1.1 Beta Build 8

Perhaps my favorite one is that you can use an editbox to slice a point cloud and automatically create a spline. Great for roadways surfaces, rooms and crush profiles on cars!


Other features include:
-Search for .c2m/.pts file in the same directory of the .max file, to improve collaboration
-Detect if Nitrous is being used and warn user before they load a point cloud
-Button to free up video memory, to allow hardware renderers (like CVR, Quicksilver, Iray) to work better
-e57 file format updated to libE57 (version 1.1.312) Aug. 9, 2012
-Added 3ds Max 2014 Detection to Installer (binary compatible with 3dsMax 2013)
-LimitBox, can no be hidden and you can still keep it's effect. There is also an option to invert the effect.
-Always import and keep intensity values.
-New Rendering modes including height ramps and intensity.
-Spline Section Extraction.
-Snap To Points now only snaps to visible points, respecting LimitBoxes
-GAUSS-Blurring filters for normals, point size, colors and intensity.
-Filter to remove (and smooth point clolud colors), redundant points, to speed up rendering.
-Normal Calcualtion Improvement
-Remove Large Outliners
-Improvement: Point Size Detection (.c2m)
-Basic Point Delete Feature -> Helper -> EditBox
-Special render farm build, with disabled viewport rendering. (Still testing)[/list]

Feedback is appreciated.



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Re: Clouds2Max Next Release - Beta Build 8

Post by ddustin »

One of the other cool things is the ability to edit the point cloud in the Max environment.
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