Electric Line Extraction script

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Electric Line Extraction script

Post by M.Whitford »

I am having trouble getting the electric line extraction script to work in our office.

The script runs with no errors in the dialog, however nothing is created (nothing in the Contour group). The dataset is clean & good quality (P40).

I am using the latest version (have uninstalled & re-installed), but have also tried it on two other machines, one with an earlier version & one with a fresh install, both with the same results.

I have updated the CLM etc too.

I sent the dataset to our local support who ran the script with success, but he could not replicate it on our machine when remoting in. We are just running out of ideas.

The curb extraction script worked ok, so it isn't like all scripts don't work

We have the basic license only. could this be an issue? any other ideas?
Nicolas L
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Re: Electric Line Extraction script

Post by Nicolas L »


There is a licencing problem.
There is a command in this very specific script which requires the Survey option.
In the next release, there will be a warning message.
Sorry for that.


Nicolas Landrivon
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