Surface Modeling tips.

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I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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Surface Modeling tips.

Post by Kambu »

When using Rapidforms Boundary Fit Feature, I never seem to be getting a smooth surface. What is the cause of this?
I have noted that, when using the same amount of points for the splines as I do for the surfaces, it makes it smoother, but still I get quite alot of glitches. The whole Curve Network is built on Quads, so thats not the problem.
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Re: Surface Modeling tips.

Post by olivercho »

Hello Tonis,

I'm afraid to hear that you're having troubles on using Boundary Fit.
Without seeing your model it would be not that proper advice but anyway let me give you some words.
As you know Boundary Fit is a surface generation method based on the NURBs fitting on scan data.
And it means the surface quality is highly depending on the scan data quality.
So first you need to make your scan data as nice as possible. (I believe that you might already do so ;) )
And making just one nice fitting surface is very easy, but making many surfaces smoothly it requires some rules to follow from the curve creation level.
For getting better surface continuity you'd better to have all 4-boundary loops as you did. And need to put curves on proper curvature changing position, otherwise you'll easily see fluctuating surfaces around the edges. You can easily find where to put curves by referring boundaries of regions after region segmentation.

I would recommend you to check the following article in our Rapidform Support page for better understanding Boundary Fit. ... ng-surface
If you can share some images or (part of) scan data then it would be better to give you more appropriate help.

Best regards,

Oliver Cho
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