Beam/Airy Disk Registration

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I have made 10-20 posts
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Beam/Airy Disk Registration

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Thanks for tolerating what is probably an issue of limited value in most applications.

I presume that most TLS units produce a circular-not an elliptical-beam. It would certainly be simpler and less expensive to manufacture, and the symmetry would perhaps better accomodate the production of planar rasters. I am noting that my X330 has a step increment of .009° both horizontally and vertically.

Of course, this is a mechanical device, and no accuracy tolerance is supplied for those (stepping) figures.

Should we make calculations supposing that the Point measurement (either radial or Cartesian) corresponds to the center of the beam/Airy Disk? I would think so, and have found an i3mainz report stating that this is the case ("Investigating Laser Scanner Accuracy").

If we do suppose that the Point measurement corresponds to the center of the beam, our most significant errors may be the vertical and horizontal stepping parameters.

Does this sound reasonable, and can anyone expand on stepping errors (they don't seem to be commonly addressed)?

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