Point Cloud Data to Virtual Reality on your Smart Phone

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Point Cloud Data to Virtual Reality on your Smart Phone

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So a couple of clients have asked me if it was possible to view a proposed model in the point cloud from the Trueview like in ReCap. i looked into it and as best i could tell (and according to my reseller) it wasn't possible. but i knew there ahd to be a way to deliver that service. So i spent a "bit" of time working it out, and below is the result.


but where is the virtual reality bit i hear you asking. well, this website offers a neat little trick that if you have a VR headset like a Rift, you can click the "Virtual Reality" link and it will display in the headset. but the reason i was playing with this is that if you have their app on your compatable smart phone, you can view the link from your phone, click "Virtual reality" and it will launch the app. you can then put your phone in a phone holder the like of google cardboard or a View Master and view it as a VR experience!

Google cardboard - https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/ (available on amazon and similar places like it)
View master - http://www.view-master.com/en-us (available from Kmart and BigW in Australia)

OK,OK, so i know it is true VR as such, and that they are rendered 360 degree panos of point cloud data as opposed to actual point cloud data in the VR environment, but it is pretty cool i think! i have a meeting in the next week or so that will give me an idea on how hard it will be to get point cloud data in real VR on something like the Rift. watch this space....

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