Regitering a mix of inclined and verticals scans

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Regitering a mix of inclined and verticals scans

Post by Merluche »

Hi all,
I'm using RiscanPro.

I'm having trouble to register scan made on field with angles of 30°, 45°, 90° and 0° mixed together.

-If i use the "Automatic registration 2" i obtain some pop up that ask me to manually correcting the inclined scan. Unfortunately, manualy i can only move the scan from up and down and right to left but not to change inclination.
-I tried to go with the "Calculate via inclination sensor" right clicking on SOP but doesnt seems to work since i can only choose the scan i right clicked as reference. I would prefer to be abble to choose a scan that is vertical as refererence...

Do there is please an efficient method to register this mess of inclined scan all together ?

I precise that on field i didn't use any GPS or additional tilt sensor since i thought that the inclination sensor are in the Lidar scan itself.

My workaround consist at regitering the vertical scans all together then add one by one the other playing with the TIEPOINTS.

Thanks in advance for help ! I have read about a tilt position sensor that can be added on the scan but i'm not sure that i got it.

If more info are neede, feel free to ask, i'm here ;)
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