New tool to help care for Scotland’s historic buildings

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New tool to help care for Scotland’s historic buildings

Post by Jason Warren »

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) has worked with two universities to launch a free software tool for the surveying and inspection of traditional buildings.


HES said that the technology could transform how Scotland’s historic buildings are managed, maintained and repaired.

It has worked with the University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University to develop the tool, which allows surveys and fabric inspections to be carried out digitally.

The tool uses a combination of data from laser scanning - which gives precise 3D data in the form of a point cloud - and photogrammetry - which involves the use of multiple overlapping digital photos – to create a 3D model.

From this data, the tool can automatically segment a facade into component parts making it easier to detect defects within masonry and extract information regarding the amount of stone and mortar required for conservation repair works.

The tool has been made freely accessible for the conservation sector to use, in the hope that it will be widely adopted by professionals involved in the conservation and maintenance of traditional buildings.

Lyn Wilson, digital documentation manager at HES, said: "Scotland is home to a rich and diverse built environment of around half a million traditional buildings. Around 20% of the nation’s housing stock is made up of traditional buildings, and it is crucial that these existing assets can be repaired, maintained and adapted effectively to support national sustainability commitments.

“Any repair work to historic buildings must be carried out sensitively, and traditional masonry surveys to identify what conservation work is required can be costly and complex.

"This new tool offers the advantage of being able to conduct inspection and analysis of 3D data remotely, while still obtaining precise results."

More info at: ... -buildings
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Re: New tool to help care for Scotland’s historic buildings

Post by HagaeusBygghantverk »

That is a great start! I could not find any links to more information so I started searching. The article on HES own website has links to the Github page and more, so I recommend reading that one. It is a plugin to CloudCompare that segments the individual stones in masonry. More is to come. ... buildings/

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