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I have made 10-20 posts
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Software recommendations

Post by Spwilka »


Can anyone recommend a suite of products that can act as a catch all for 3D modeling from laser scan data / photogrammetry to create 3D models and animations? Specifically those that can handle moving models of people, cars, ect in a scene.

I was looking for options that are forensically sound, I've seen a lot of references to AUTODESK suite for recap and 3ds max.
I've seen sketchup a few times as well.
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Mike Annear
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Re: Software recommendations

Post by Mike Annear »

I use Rhino 3D for modelling from Pointclouds /meshes, it is relatively cheap, easy to learn and is very compatible with other CAD packages.
The license is a one off cost, with no annual fees etc. it also has great support from the manufacturer McNeel North America .

It can handle pointclouds up to 250,000,000 points by itself, or you can buy the Veesus plugin-in for Rhino to work with "unlimited" pointclouds.
You can also use "Rhino.Inside.Revit" if you are a Revit fan. There are literally dozens of specialised plugins for Marine modelling, Car modelling, jewellery, etc from here; ... _app%3A722

I have just started using "Bongo" for Rhino, which is an animation plug in so that I can create "path driven" (repeatable) flythroughs of pointclouds/rendered models. Bongo can handle basic forward and reverse IK, but it isn't a character animation package.

I am a seasoned 3Ds Max user, but Max has trouble dealing with pointclouds and it is quite expensive.

I have generated forensic graphics/animations in the past using a combination of Rhino+3Ds Max, I am just trying to get rid of my reliance on Max.
I also use Rhino for solid modelling for 3D printing / CNC etc.

Mike Annear
QLD, Australia.
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I have made 30-40 posts
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Re: Software recommendations

Post by ScottErnst »

Bentley's ContextCapture/Editor suite with LumenRT will do all of that.
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Re: Software recommendations

Post by Stanly63 »

Hey! If you are looking for an indispensable tool for high precision analysis. I would like to recommend you a handheld spectrometer for basic analysis, which fits perfectly into the description from a forensic point of view. More information you can read here Data is synchronized with the PC via WiFi or Bluetooth.
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