Let's talk graphics cards

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Re: Let's talk graphics cards

Post by TommyMaddox » Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:41 pm

xyzsystems wrote:thanks for this thread. i'm running a Xeon E5-2697 2.7Ghz, 64GB ram and quadro k5200 with cyclone among other apps. not the greatest.
my vr machine is using the i7-6700 3.4Ghz, 16GB RAM with the GTX 1070.
i have to make another VR machine but i'm conflicted with what i should do with the point cloud machine...i'll add to this if i ever do change it.
Let me know, may be looking for more RAM and a better quadro for some of the workstations around our office.

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Re: Let's talk graphics cards

Post by kmcm » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:53 am


Yeah I think it all got a bit confusing, so I think we're just going to buy a completely new system for both our point cloud work and VR stuff. Looking at an i7 7700k and GTX 1080 ti system which from the sounds of everyone above should chew through everything fine.

Sounds like you've got a similar issue now with what to do with your old machine. I think our will end up just being a backup system..

Thanks for all the replies

xyzsystems wrote:hi kurt, will your motherboard be compatible with the new GTX? if not, be prepared for the potential processor, RAM upgrades as well!
kmcm wrote:Hi Guys,

We need some guidance with our PC setup, specifically with graphics card issues we're having at the moment.

We're running a Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v2 @ 2.10GHz (2100MHz) x6 with 64GB RAM and a Nvidia Quadro M4000 graphics card and we're really struggling with our processing in SCENE (5.3). Moving the scan point clouds comes with a blank screen for a second or two and it's making it unbearable. We upgraded our card from a Quadro K2000 last year but saw little improvement (we updated drivers and all that jazz), but things seem to have deteriorated over time. I think there's definitely an issue we need to get our IT boys to sort regarding our PC...

Besides this though, we've now invested in a HTC Vive to do some work on VR with our scenes. This same PC however seems to struggle with the VR kit, more so than my PC at home which is only running a Nvidia 1060 6GB (quad core CPU and 16GB ram). I've seen over my travels that Quadro cards may not be very good for VR work. Have people found this?

So I guess my question is (summarising the dribble above) - Would a Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB card work with SCENE point clouds as well as the Quadro M4000 8GB card would?

If we can swap our Quadro card for one like this then we can cover both laser scan processing and the VR work we want to do.

Thanks for your help guys


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