Faster Scan-to-PDMS Workflows: Webinar Tuesday March 25 1pm

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Kevin Corbley
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Faster Scan-to-PDMS Workflows: Webinar Tuesday March 25 1pm

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Faster Scan to PDMS Workflows: New Tools and Technologies for
Modeling and Importing As-Built Pipes and Components into PDMS

Tuesday March 25, 2014 – 1pm to 2pm EDT

CASE STUDY: Oil Processing Facility Intelligent PDMS Model

This presentation will outline new technologies and workflows for importing an intelligent as-built 3D model directly into Aveva’s PDMS Dabacon database. These new tools can create models from scan data faster and eliminate the need for remodeling in PDMS by importing pipes and components directly into PDMS. Firms using this workflow are dramatically improving their PDMS modeling efficiency. This Webinar will show you specific tools, tips, and workflows that the presenters have implemented to deliver an intelligent as-built PDMS model faster than ever before.
Specifically you will learn:
1. How to improve overall scan-to-PDMS project workflow
2. Specific tactics Dewalt Corporation is using to improve laser scan data collection and 3D as-built modeling efficiency
3. A new tool to import an intelligent model, including components, directly into PDMS and eliminate the need for remodeling.

Join Matthew Byrd, 3D Manager at Dewalt Corporation,John Hill, 3D Design Systems Manager at AMEC Paragon, and Chris Scotton, President & CEO ClearEdge3D on this instructive and actionable webinar. Here's a link to register:

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Re: Faster Scan-to-PDMS Workflows: Webinar Tuesday March 25

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Hi Kevin Corbley,

I have missed this webinar. I am very much interested in this. Is it possible to get the slides or some notes related to it? Thank you very much.

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