New guy looking into feasibility

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New guy looking into feasibility

Postby jscottsmith » Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:35 pm


Our company primarily specializes in architectural rendering. We also do some point cloud generation from drone photogrammetry and Matterport scans. I'm considering expanding this area primarily for the AEC community. Primary use would be architectural as-builts (mostly interiors). Ability to scan exterior would be beneficial for acquiring building elevation and some limited site data. I'd supply point clouds to anyone familiar. Initially though, conversion to CAD or 3D model would probably be the large share of our work.

All that said... I'm interested in your thoughts. What equipment should I look into? (BLK360 is intriguing and great price point, but sounds like exterior use might be limited) I've also looked at units like the Faro x330, but they are significantly more. Is there a marketplace for used units? Are any of you doing this? What has been your experience?

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